The feminine energy...

All women have within them, a creative force, a deep-knowing, a loyal listener to that which is truth, a glowing cell which contains all the instincts and knowings needed for life. 

This intuition which sees farther than the eye, listens deeper than the ears is where the seat of a woman's intuition lies.

It is our source, our light, our night time sky of creativity and knowledge where miracles, inspirations and healings of all nature occur. 

This deep layer of our psyche is within all of us women and can be reached through deep meditation, dance, writing, painting, singing, drumming - any activity which requires an intense altered consciousness. It is just out the corner of our eye, yet so far away. It is our soul spirit. 

Our soul spirit is indesctructible. You can dent the soul and bend it. You can hurt it and scar it. You can leave the marks of illness on it and fear can scorch it but it never dies. 

A busy life that we all lead, a male-dominated society, a yang energy in the world (instead of yin) can all lead us to temporarily forget or lose touch with our intuition, our natural healing and inner wisdom.

So, right now, in the forced isolation of Covid-19, we can use this time to go within, to rediscover and reconnect with our natural self. We can reignite the light of that fire that does not burn as brightly as it could. 

When we are forced to slow down, forced to stay indoors, forced to have little or nothing to do, we can use this time wisely and get back in touch with our whispering truths and use this time to develope our feminine wisdom and intuition.

So, we come out of this, wiser, more in touch with who we are and what we want and ready to heal the world with our beautiful, feminine Goddess energy and raise the consciousness of this world we live in.


I work with a knowledge of meridians in many of my treatments; Holistic Body Massage (I like to look at where knots and tension are and if they may be lying over a certain meridian pathway), Facial and Foot Reflexology (reflexology points may also be related to certain meridian points).

Meridians are energy pathways, which form a continuous network around the body, transporting vital energy, known as 'chi' in oriental medicine or 'prana' in Ayurvedic medicine. Meridians can become blocked or imbalanced from the stress of daily life and each meridian has certain attributes related to it.

Here are the main meridians, their meanings and what healing may be needed:

The Lung Meridian

The primary negative expression of the lung meridian when it is imbalanced is GRIEF. Also, worry, anxiety, sorrow, resentment. So, if your lung meridian is imbalanced and I pick this up from Reflexology or from a Holistic Body Massage, where you have a lot of knots behind your lungs area on your back, you may need to heal emotionally in any of those areas. You may also be suffering physically with asthma, cough, stiff shoulders, congestion or a headache.

The Large Intestine Meridian

This is the partner of the Lung Meridian and is related to STUBBORNESS AND STAGNATION so you may also be holding onto grief, and past hurts. An imbalance can also indicate a contamination of the mind with toxic thoughts. You may also be suffering physically with the same symptoms as an imbalanced Lung Meridian, along with constipation, a lack of body heat and dry lips. 

The Stomach Meridian 

The primary emotion associated with the Stomach Meridian is ANXIETY. A lack of confidence, worry and sceptism are other emotions that may need to be healed. Physically, you may be suffering with dry tongue, stuffy nose and stomach problems.

The Spleen Meridian

This is the partner of the Stomach Meridian and it is often associated with THOUGHT - over-thinking or unclear thoughts and poor concentration. A busy mind may need to be healed. You may be suffering physically with insomnia, bloating, PMT, menstrual problems, low energy, obesity. 

The Heart Meridian

The primary emotion associated with the Heart Meridian is LOVE and joy. A blockage can mean that the heart needs some healing in some way or another. Physically, a Heart Meridian blockage can lead to hot flushes, insomnia, general stiffness and any heart problems.

The Small Intestine Meridian

This is the partner of the Heart Meridian and is related to DECISION MAKING - forgetfulness, indecision and an unclear thought process. Envy or jealousy may need to be healed if the Small Intestine Meridian is out of balance. Physically, you may have neck pain, keeping feelings inside, restlessness, overworking and frequent bowel movements.

The Bladder Meridian

The primary emotion associated with the Bladder Meridian is MEMORY, willpower and determination. A lack of confidence may need to be healed if this is imbalanced. Physically, a Bladder Meridian blockage can lead to trembling, stress, restlessness, pain in spine or waits and bladder problems.

The Kidney Meridian

This is the partner of the Bladder Meridian and is related to FEAR. If you are feeling a lack of courage, no confidence and a lack of courage, your Kidney Meridian may be out of balance and you may need to look at healing these areas. Physically, there may be hair loss, nail biting, imbalanced hormones, kidney stones, infertility and painful joints.

The Liver Meridian

The primary emotion related to The Liver Meridian is ANGER. If your Liver Meridian is blocked, you may notice yourself shouting a lot or being aggressive. Depression is also a manifestation of a blocked Liver Meridian. You may need to look at why you are feeling angry or where there is repressed anger and heal this. Physically, there may be insomnia, dizziness, a tendency to eat too much sugar, liver pain, an aversion to wind and muscle weakness.

The Gallbladder Meridian

This is the partner of the Liver Meridian and is related to RAGE. You may need to heal any past hurts or pain that have caused you to feel this rage. Physically, there may also be nausea, gallstones, clenched fists or jaw, knee pains and a tendency to bruise easily. 

If you would like to book in for Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Reiki or Holistic Body Massage, to help with any healing of your meridians, please do get in touch. 


I often work with chakras, particularly when I am doing Reiki. Here is a quick reference to each one, so you know what I am talking about when I do talk about chakras! ...

Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy that lie just above our physical body. Each of these chakras is related to different areas of our lives. They are the life flow of our energetic body and can become imbalanced with stress, negative thinking, toxins and many other daily life activities. A Reiki treatment will aim to rebalance all your chakras, ensuring energy is flowing smoothly throughout your body. Each chakra has a colour which you can visualise if you want to meditate on the chakras. Each chakra is located at a different part of the body. 

1) Root chakra - colour red - located at base of the tailbone

Related to thoughts and feelings about survival, shelter, home, food, clothing, work, money, posssessions and any other basic necessities.

2) Sacral chakra - colour orange - located at the pelvic area

Related to thoughts and feelings about sensuality and sexuality, pleasure, desires, cravings and your body.

3) Solar plexus chakra - colour yellow - located just above the abdomen, behind the naval

Related to thoughts and feelings about power and control -  being overpowered or controlled by others, desire to be powerful or to control something or someone.

4) Heart chakra - colour green - located in the centre of the chest

Related to thoughts and feelings about love, compassion, forgiveness and relationships.

5) Throat chakra - colour blue - located at the throat

Related to thoughts and feelings about speaking your truth, communication and asking for your needs to be met.

6) Ear chakras - colour reddish violet - located at both ears

Related to everything that you have heard or listened to, negative or positive.

7) Third eye chakra - colour indigo blue - located between the 2 eyes 

Related to thoughts and feelings about the future and the past and also your belief about spirituality.

8) Crown chakra - colour purple - located at the top of the head

Related to thoughts and feelings about spirituality, divine guidance, God/Love/Being/Consciousness.

Why it is so important to relax in pregnancy...

We have all heard that it is really important to stay stress-free in pregnancy but why is that? I, for one, was really stressed in my second pregnancy. I began feeling very anxious at the thought of having to go through birth again, with the first birth being a very long labour, with a back-to-back baby, pre-eclampsia, induction and a forceps delivery. So I tried my hardest to increase more of what helped me relax (meditation, swimming, being in nature, yoga) so I could feel less stressed, just because I didn't want to feel like that and I also had an intuitive feeling that the stress was not good for my unborn baby girl. I now know that any negative or fearful thoughts and feelings I was having, whilst pregnant, were being passed through my placenta to her. When a foetus is in a mother's womb, the mother is the external environment for that foetus and any emotions and feelings affect the baby. If the mother is relaxed and happy, the baby is relaxed and happy. If the mother is stressed, the baby is stressed. Halfway through the pregnancy, the baby's brain starts learning and it does so through the placenta, which aswell as delivering nutrition through the blood delivered through the placenta, also delivers the mother's emotions and thoughts. If I had known this, I would have been having all the holistic therapies I could and meditating every spare minute I had! But seriously, life is stressful, being pregnant is stressful and we can feel fear with the impending changes in our body and what lies ahead when we bring a new baby into the world. But if we can become more aware that if we can try to keep our thoughts positive, try to look after our wellbeing and health (by having a Pregnancy Massage or Maternity Reflexology or Reiki) or learning to quiet our mind with Meditation, we can only be sending positive vibes to our little bundle of joy. 


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