I often work with chakras, particularly when I am doing Reiki. Here is a quick reference to each one, so you know what I am talking about when I do talk about chakras! ...

Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy that lie just above our physical body. Each of these chakras is related to different areas of our lives. They are the life flow of our energetic body and can become imbalanced with stress, negative thinking, toxins and many other daily life activities. A Reiki treatment will aim to rebalance all your chakras, ensuring energy is flowing smoothly throughout your body. Each chakra has a colour which you can visualise if you want to meditate on the chakras. Each chakra is located at a different part of the body. 

1) Root chakra - colour red - located at base of the tailbone

Related to thoughts and feelings about survival, shelter, home, food, clothing, work, money, posssessions and any other basic necessities.

2) Sacral chakra - colour orange - located at the pelvic area

Related to thoughts and feelings about sensuality and sexuality, pleasure, desires, cravings and your body.

3) Solar plexus chakra - colour yellow - located just above the abdomen, behind the naval

Related to thoughts and feelings about power and control -  being overpowered or controlled by others, desire to be powerful or to control something or someone.

4) Heart chakra - colour green - located in the centre of the chest

Related to thoughts and feelings about love, compassion, forgiveness and relationships.

5) Throat chakra - colour blue - located at the throat

Related to thoughts and feelings about speaking your truth, communication and asking for your needs to be met.

6) Ear chakras - colour reddish violet - located at both ears

Related to everything that you have heard or listened to, negative or positive.

7) Third eye chakra - colour indigo blue - located between the 2 eyes 

Related to thoughts and feelings about the future and the past and also your belief about spirituality.

8) Crown chakra - colour purple - located at the top of the head

Related to thoughts and feelings about spirituality, divine guidance, God/Love/Being/Consciousness.


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