Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters Circles and Soul Sisters Serenity are two distinct, yet equally soul-nurturing, groups that offer a safe and empowering space for women to come together, connect, and be supported on their unique journeys of self-transformation.

In Soul Sisters Circles, the focus is on a Women’s Circle where women gather to share their experiences, wisdom, and insights, creating a vibrant tapestry of connection and growth. This is a sanctuary for individuals who wish to delve into their inner selves, broaden their perspectives, and wholeheartedly embrace their authentic, empowered identities in the presence of kindred spirits among women.

On the other hand, Soul Sisters Serenity offers solace to those who are feeling weary and burnt out, providing a tranquil haven where women can unwind, rejuvenate, and replenish their spirits through meditation, breathwork and relaxation techniques. It's a soothing sanctuary of calm and relaxation where women can recharge, both mentally and emotionally.

Whether seeking transformation or serenity, these groups provide a safe and supportive community for women to uplift, support, and nurture one another as they journey on their soul path.

Soul Sisters Circle

Soul Sisters Circle is a bi-monthly transformative and empowering gathering, where women come together in a sacred circle to unearth and embrace the essence of the Sacred Feminine that has often been overshadowed and overlooked throughout their lives. This nurturing community serves as a sanctuary where women can tap into their inner wisdom, intuition, and the interconnected bonds that define their authentic selves. In a world where values such as wisdom, intuition, nurturing, connectedness, authenticity, rhythmicity, embodiment, and peace have often been undervalued, the Soul Sisters Circle provides a space to rekindle these essential aspects of our being. As we explore the depths of our souls that have remained concealed in the shadows, obscured by the patriarchal constructs of our society, we reawaken and reconnect with the Sacred Feminine, an innate source of divine power, sovereignty, and wisdom that resides within every woman. In this nurturing space, we empower ourselves to break free from the limitations imposed by a male-dominated world and rediscover the profound strength that comes from embracing our unique, sacred femininity.


Soul Sisters Circles offer a profound and transformative experience, where each gathering unfolds as a sacred journey into the depths of the self. At the heart of every Soul Sisters Circle lies a guided meditation, a powerful portal that invites participants to embark on a profound exploration of their inner landscapes, teeming with symbolism and archetypal wisdom. These meditative sojourns transcend the confines of linear and logical thought, reaching deep into the wellspring of intuition and inner knowing. In these circles, we connect with our Sacred Feminine core, a realm that transcends the constraints of mere words, forging a bond with a deeper, more authentic aspect of ourselves, and uniting like-minded souls on a shared voyage of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Sharing Circle

Soul Sisters is a place of profound connection and self-discovery. In our sacred sharing circle, we create a safe and nurturing space where you can unveil your inner self, your inner wise woman. After a guided meditation, you have the option to share your thoughts, emotions, and experiences, or simply find solace in your own contemplation. In this circle, every word is held in strict confidence, and there is no room for judgment. Here, we listen with open hearts, welcoming all expressions. It is within this compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere that profound healing and transformation can emerge from the depths of your being. Whether you choose to share your journey or quietly retreat within yourself, you are warmly welcomed in the embrace of our Soul Sisters Circle.


Soul Sisters Circles are sacred gatherings where women come together to explore and celebrate the intricate tapestry of their lives. With an emphasis on shared experiences and a deep connection to the divine feminine, these circles delve into profound themes that resonate with our very core. Topics will include themes focused around our wombs, our bodies, our Mothers, our authenticity, our cycles, our boundaries. In these circles, we honour the process of rebirth and renewal, recognizing that our individual journeys of awakening and transformation ripple outward, knowing that as we heal, we contribute to the healing of all women. Through this collective nurturing, we find strength, wisdom, and an unbreakable sisterhood that supports us in every aspect of our lives.

Soul Sisters Serenity

Soul Sisters Serenity is a bi-monthly sanctuary of calm amid our hectic lives. In a world where we often find ourselves caught in the whirlwind of constant activity, driven by the relentless demands of modern living, this group offers a respite. The very essence of our existence seems to be governed by the fight-or-flight response, resulting in the accumulation of stress and cortisol, leaving us feeling worn out, irritable, and burdened by a host of physical and emotional ailments. Soul Sisters Serenity was conceived with a singular mission: to guide its members towards reestablishing the vital connection with their inner Source. Through a variety of soothing practices and shared experiences, this group strives to help participants rediscover a sense of balance, leaving them revitalized and refreshed. It's a harmonious journey toward reclaiming your inner serenity, where the soul can find the solace, it truly deserves.


Soul Sisters Serenity is an empowering gathering that offers a haven of tranquility and stillness in our bustling world. At the heart of each session lies the invaluable practice of meditation, serving as an essential component in our quest to bring relaxation and serenity into our often-frenetic lives. These sessions provide a nurturing environment where you can engage in guided meditation, a timeless technique that enables one to shed the weight of daily stress and distractions, fostering a profound sense of inner peace. Participants are guided on a journey to quieten their thoughts, centre their being, and cultivate a profound connection with their inner calm, allowing body and mind to unwind and tension to be released.


Soul Sisters Serenity is a sanctuary of rejuvenation and relaxation, where each session embraces the profound practice of breathwork. In our quest for inner peace and serenity, breathwork becomes an integral part of our journey. Through guided breathwork exercises, participants are encouraged to slow down the relentless pace of their lives, allowing the body, mind, and soul to synchronize in a harmonious rhythm. This intentional focus on the breath not only promotes relaxation but also serves as a powerful release mechanism for any stagnant negative energy that may have taken root within us. It gently soothes the nervous system, fostering a deeper connection to the self and helping individuals achieve a state of profound calm and balance.

Relaxation Techniques

Soul Sisters Serenity is an oasis of tranquility, where relaxation techniques take centre stage in our journey toward inner peace. Each session is enriched by the inclusion of various relaxation methods, such as Reiki, touch therapy, acupressure massage, and a host of other holistic practices that can be practically applied to facilitate the relaxation process. Whether it's a shared Reiki healing session led by Heather or the imparting of relaxation techniques for participants to explore with one another, the emphasis is on nurturing a serene and harmonious state of being. These techniques not only provide immediate relief from the stresses of daily life but also empower individuals with valuable tools to sustain their quest for relaxation and serenity. The shared experience of these practices fosters a sense of unity and support, further enhancing the overall sense of calm, relaxation, and renewal within the Soul Sisters Serenity community.

Soul Sisters Healing Group

Event Start Time End Time Price Per Person Book Now
Soul Sisters Serenity - 9.30 am, 8th Jun 2024 08-06-2024 9:30 am 08-06-2024 11:00 am £22.00

Groups start at 930am and end at 11am with an energy exchange of £22.


Contact: Heather Peattie
Mobile: 07764 494754

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