I work with a knowledge of meridians in many of my treatments; Holistic Body Massage (I like to look at where knots and tension are and if they may be lying over a certain meridian pathway), Facial and Foot Reflexology (reflexology points may also be related to certain meridian points).

Meridians are energy pathways, which form a continuous network around the body, transporting vital energy, known as 'chi' in oriental medicine or 'prana' in Ayurvedic medicine. Meridians can become blocked or imbalanced from the stress of daily life and each meridian has certain attributes related to it.

Here are the main meridians, their meanings and what healing may be needed:

The Lung Meridian

The primary negative expression of the lung meridian when it is imbalanced is GRIEF. Also, worry, anxiety, sorrow, resentment. So, if your lung meridian is imbalanced and I pick this up from Reflexology or from a Holistic Body Massage, where you have a lot of knots behind your lungs area on your back, you may need to heal emotionally in any of those areas. You may also be suffering physically with asthma, cough, stiff shoulders, congestion or a headache.

The Large Intestine Meridian

This is the partner of the Lung Meridian and is related to STUBBORNESS AND STAGNATION so you may also be holding onto grief, and past hurts. An imbalance can also indicate a contamination of the mind with toxic thoughts. You may also be suffering physically with the same symptoms as an imbalanced Lung Meridian, along with constipation, a lack of body heat and dry lips. 

The Stomach Meridian 

The primary emotion associated with the Stomach Meridian is ANXIETY. A lack of confidence, worry and sceptism are other emotions that may need to be healed. Physically, you may be suffering with dry tongue, stuffy nose and stomach problems.

The Spleen Meridian

This is the partner of the Stomach Meridian and it is often associated with THOUGHT - over-thinking or unclear thoughts and poor concentration. A busy mind may need to be healed. You may be suffering physically with insomnia, bloating, PMT, menstrual problems, low energy, obesity. 

The Heart Meridian

The primary emotion associated with the Heart Meridian is LOVE and joy. A blockage can mean that the heart needs some healing in some way or another. Physically, a Heart Meridian blockage can lead to hot flushes, insomnia, general stiffness and any heart problems.

The Small Intestine Meridian

This is the partner of the Heart Meridian and is related to DECISION MAKING - forgetfulness, indecision and an unclear thought process. Envy or jealousy may need to be healed if the Small Intestine Meridian is out of balance. Physically, you may have neck pain, keeping feelings inside, restlessness, overworking and frequent bowel movements.

The Bladder Meridian

The primary emotion associated with the Bladder Meridian is MEMORY, willpower and determination. A lack of confidence may need to be healed if this is imbalanced. Physically, a Bladder Meridian blockage can lead to trembling, stress, restlessness, pain in spine or waits and bladder problems.

The Kidney Meridian

This is the partner of the Bladder Meridian and is related to FEAR. If you are feeling a lack of courage, no confidence and a lack of courage, your Kidney Meridian may be out of balance and you may need to look at healing these areas. Physically, there may be hair loss, nail biting, imbalanced hormones, kidney stones, infertility and painful joints.

The Liver Meridian

The primary emotion related to The Liver Meridian is ANGER. If your Liver Meridian is blocked, you may notice yourself shouting a lot or being aggressive. Depression is also a manifestation of a blocked Liver Meridian. You may need to look at why you are feeling angry or where there is repressed anger and heal this. Physically, there may be insomnia, dizziness, a tendency to eat too much sugar, liver pain, an aversion to wind and muscle weakness.

The Gallbladder Meridian

This is the partner of the Liver Meridian and is related to RAGE. You may need to heal any past hurts or pain that have caused you to feel this rage. Physically, there may also be nausea, gallstones, clenched fists or jaw, knee pains and a tendency to bruise easily. 

If you would like to book in for Foot Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Reiki or Holistic Body Massage, to help with any healing of your meridians, please do get in touch. 


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