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Welcome to Sanctuary Home Healing

I'm Heather, a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Women's Circle Facilitator and Holistic Therapist, based in Portsmouth. My wish is to empower women, support them on their inner healing journeys and to help them recognise and rejoice their true beauty and power.


In these last few years, I believe there has been an uprising of feminine energy. Many of us, myself included have had a personal awakening and have been reclaiming our Divine and rebirthing in this New Earth that is being created. After years of being in dark times, we are no longer willing to bear the lineage of our ancestors, who were perhaps suppressed by limiting belief patterns and conditioning.

The spiritually empowered woman embraces the fullness of who she is, as an individual with inner strength and self-esteem. She is connected with Consciousness - the Goddess within her is awakened. She knows how to move through the world with power and grace. She knows how much to give and how much to take and she has self-confidence and self-awareness at her core. She is full of Love and Light and ready to share with the world.

Through my own personal journey of evolving, I can guide you through your spiritual journey, lovingly supporting you and gently nurturing you at each step as I walk beside you as a healer offering the following support:

  • With Holistic Treatments, you can discover an inner stillness and connect with the Intelligence that is everywhere, to enable you to fully utilise your intuition and knowing.
  • With Mentoring, you can begin to understand your unique place in the world and receive guidance on how to navigate this journey with ease and grace.
  • With Meditation, you can learn the gift of being able to respond with a feminine love and compassion, whilst letting go of old mental habit patterns that no longer serve you.
  • With Soul Sisters Healing Groups, you can connect with like-minded souls who are on this same spiritual path evolving together, and feel that sense of being held and nurtured by Mother Earth herself.
  • With Reiki Attunements, you can lift your beautiful energy and receive the ancient healing method of Reiki as a gift for life and share this healing with the world, to change the world.

As each woman reclaims the power and wisdom of the Sacred Feminine on an individual level, she increases the vibration for all women on a planetary level.

I am blessed and grateful to have a beautiful healing space in my home, which I am honoured to share with all my clients, who have often remarked upon the healing energy it holds. I look forward to welcoming you to Sanctuary Home Healing to quieten your mind, restore balance in your body, harmonise your emotions and connect you to your soul's journey.

Sanctuary Home Healing

Contact: Heather Peattie
Mobile: 07764 494754

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