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I'm Heather, a Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapist, based in Portsmouth. I help people relax, find inner stillness and connect with their true selves.


My spiritual journey began 20 years ago, when I started having panic attacks and anxiety. I discovered healing techniques to help me cope and my journey of self-discovery and self-improvement began.

My purpose in life is to share my knowledge and guide others towards a natural way of healing. I am devoted to teaching Reiki, guiding Meditation groups and offering Holistic Treatments as alternative options to modern medicine and as a gentle method of coping with our ever-increasing stressful lives.

I embody these spiritual practices in my daily life and I know from my own experience, that they can empower and transform lives, so we can experience magic instead of misery.

I am blessed and grateful to have a beautiful healing space in my home, which I am honoured to share with all my clients, who have often remarked upon the healing energy it holds. I look forward to welcoming you to Sanctuary Home Healing to restore, balance and harmonise your mind, body and soul.

My Treatment Room

Contact: Heather Peattie
Mobile: 07764 494754
Email: enquiries@sanctuaryhomehealing.co.uk

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