Sanctuary Home Healing


From Holistic Treatments to Women's Circles and Reiki Attunements.
Discover a unique experience of relaxation and healing.

In the bustling city of Portsmouth, you will find a Sanctuary, with a magical ambience that will energetically hold and nurture you, whilst you are on your deepest healing journey.

With the purpose of creating absolute peace and calm; designed to balance body, mind and soul, Sanctuary Home Healing is a place of rest, indulgence and relaxation.

Created solely for women, this soul-soothing space is where you can escape modern-day stresses and step into a cocoon that has been made to feel like ‘home’, allowing you to feel safe enough to retreat into yourself, and connect with that which is showing itself for healing.

Drawing on holistic wisdom and a deep connection with the Divine Feminine, Sanctuary Home Healing offers grounding and restorative experiences that will allow you to nurture your being, reconnect with your soul and restore your health and wellbeing.

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