Holistic Treatments

Holistic means looking at the whole person. The mind and body are linked. Our emotions affect our physical condition and it can be helpful to look at why somebody may have a physical ache or pain and what it is trying to show them.

With my Holistic treatments, I like to work on a deeper energetic level so that any emotional and mental issues can come up to heal. That's not to say, you can't come for a relaxing session to de-stress and unwind, because that totally will happen. But if your higher being wants you to do some deep healing, you will be coming to the right place for that to happen.

Holistic treatments available are:

Holistic Facial
1 hour £50
A traditional facial combined with Facial Reflexology techniques to release energy on an emotional and mental level. Includes a head massage.

Foot Reflexology
1 hour £50
An ancient healing method of unblocking energy through pressure points on the feet. Includes a foot massage.

Facial Reflexology
1 hour £50
A newer version of Reflexology, which allows energy to be released gently through pressure points on the face. Includes a head massage.

1 hour £50
A deep healing method of sending Universal Energy to unblock chakras, meridians and release trauma.

Zone Face Lift
90 mins £75
A combination of Holistic Facial, Facial Reflexology and Japanese Gua Sha and natural face lift techniques.

Pregnancy treatments available are:

I also have specific treatments for pregnant women with the aim of creating a cocoon of nurturing energy to help mother-to-be feel relaxed, free of pregnancy aches and pains and have a quiet and calm mind in preparation for birth.

Pregnancy Massage
1 hour £50
A soothing and relaxing massage of the back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs, arms and hands.

Beautiful Bump
90 mins £70
A blissful top-to-toe treatment of a Pregnancy Massage combined with a face and head massage and foot massage.

Maternity Reflexology
1 hour £50
Like traditional Reflexology but with a focus on relieving pregnancy symptoms and helping the mind to relax.

Priming Reflexology
1 hour £50
Specific techniques used to prepare the body and mind for labour. From 38 weeks onwards.

Pregnancy Reiki
1 hour £50
Reiki healing to restore your energy and calm your mind to keep your stress levels low for optimum wellness in pregnancy.

Fertility Reflexology
1 hour £60
Reproflexology can help assist the body in preparation for conception. It unblocks energy, corrects hormonal imbalances and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. More info can be found at www.serennaturalfertility.co.uk.


Contact: Heather Peattie
Mobile: 07764 494754
Email: enquiries@sanctuaryhomehealing.co.uk

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