The Reiki Sanctuary

Reconnect to the divine power of Reiki.

The Reiki Sanctuary is a place where women can immerse themselves in the healing practice of Reiki. Whether you have achieved your Reiki Attunements already, or you are completely new to Reiki, or you enjoy having regular Reiki sessions, The Reiki Sanctuary will help you deepen your spiritual understanding and discover more peace, harmony and balance in your life.

The Reiki Sanctuary is a haven for spiritual growth, self-discovery and transformation. In the tranquil surroundings of Sanctuary Home Healing, The Reiki Sanctuary has been created to allow women to learn more about Reiki, be supported fully on their Reiki journeys and to allow a sense of unity with other ‘Reiki women’ and feel more connected to the divine energy that flows through all living beings.


Maybe you've been intrigued by Reiki, hearing plenty about its benefits but haven't yet experienced it firsthand. At the Reiki Sanctuary, you can explore Reiki treatments on their own or in combination with other holistic practices like Massage, Reflexology, or Facial Reflexology. If you're seeking a deeper experience, consider White Light Healing, a fusion of Reiki and Oracle Cards. Alternatively, you can rejuvenate your energy centres with Chakra Clearing, a specialized session integrating Reiki and Crystal Sound Healing. Reiki sessions begin at £50 for a one-hour session. Explore the Holistic Page to delve deeper into the details of each treatment.


Anyone can learn to use and channel Reiki. Learning Reiki can open a wonderful world of healing and transformation for yourself, friends and family. Level 1 introduces the student to the principles of Reiki and opens the chakras to receive the attunement which allows students to use Reiki in their everyday life. I run courses regularly throughout the year. Please contact me for upcoming dates.

Training for Reiki 1 is on a 1-day workshop from 930am until 3pm, which costs £150 and includes personal tuition, attunement, detailed manual, a 30 min Reiki treatment from another student, and certification.  By the end of the course you will be competent in, and have received training in :

  • The background and history of Reiki
  • 1st Degree Reiki Attunement
  • Learning how to use Reiki for self-healing
  • Learning how to offer Reiki to others

The schedule of the day will be as follows and the energy is very relaxed, friendly and calm, so that you have a magical Reiki Attunement Day :

  1. Introductions, intentions, meditation and energy-clearing
  2. Background and history of Reiki
  3. The Reiki Ideals and Reiki Benefits
  4. First Degree Attunement
  5. Self-healing practical session
  6. Preparation for Reiki on others and working with energy
  7. Working with others practical session
  8. 21-day cleanse guidance
  9. Questions, feedback, certification


Level 2 Reiki builds on Level 1 and gives you the sacred symbols, along with the ability to send distance healing. The vibration of Level 2 is 4 times more powerful than the Level 1, so it is much deeper and more focused. Level 2 is a pre-requisite for professional practice but you don’t have to practice professionally and this day is more focused on personal development and your own personal healing journey. I run courses regularly throughout the year. Please contact me for upcoming dates.

Training for Reiki 2 is on a comprehensive 1-day workshop from 930am until 3pm, which costs £200 and includes personal tuition, attunement, detailed manual, a 30 min Reiki treatment from another student, and certification. Students will also receive a 15 min Distance Healing session and a 15 min Zoom Check-In session following the workshop, at no additional cost. This additional support is designed to assist in the integration of Reiki 2 energy, which can bring about profound personal growth and change.

This course is focused on the personal development of each student. The sacred symbols explored within it have the potential to create profound transformations across various aspects of one's life. Participants will delve into the significance of these symbols and their impact, followed by a hands-on practical session in the afternoon dedicated to honing skills for assisting others.

For those aspiring to practice Reiki in Professional Practice, there will be an optional 3 hour add-on workshop, on a separate day, providing in-depth training tailored to practitioner needs. This supplementary session ensures participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to embark on their practitioner journey with confidence. This can be arranged at the time of booking Reiki 2 or at a later date.

By the end of the course you will be competent in, and have received training in :

  • The Reiki Second Degree and the Attunement
  • Reiki symbols as a method of healing at a deeper level and for distance healing
  • Reiki for self-development and personal growth
  • Working confidently with others as a Reiki 2 Practitioner

The day will follow the outlined schedule, ensuring a blend of professionalism and relaxation in serene surroundings. The aim is to provide an informative and professional yet tranquil atmosphere, enhancing your experience of this beautiful Reiki 2 journey.

  1. Introduction and sharing of Reiki experiences
  2. Overview of Second Degree
  3. The sacred symbols
  4. Second Degree Attunement
  5. Post-attunement guidance
  6. Reiki meditation with symbols
  7. Distance healing
  8. Practical session – working on others with symbols
  9. Questions, feedback and certification


By progressing to Level 3, you are showing a determination and focus to make Reiki a part of your life. To become a Reiki Master is to learn to BE Reiki. The Level 3 training is more comprehensive in nature than Levels 1 and 2.


The Introduction to Reiki Healing Workshop offers an excellent opportunity to delve into the healing benefits of Reiki. If you've experienced Reiki treatment and are eager to explore your inner self further, this workshop serves as an initial step on your healing journey. It may pave the way for Reiki to become a meaningful part of your life as you heed the call to awaken your innate healing abilities.


Maybe you are someone who has had your Reiki Attunement 1 or 2 and had the best intentions of practicing Reiki on yourself or others and life got on the way? Perhaps you don’t want to progress to Reiki Master but do want to rekindle your connection to Reiki. These Reiki-inspired workshops can help you learn more about chakras, meridians, and energy healing guidance that will help you connect back into Reiki.


Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, with its roots in Buddhism, traces back to the early 20th century. Dr Mikao Usui experienced a transformative spiritual awakening on Mount Kurama, leading to the development of Reiki as a system for channelling universal life energy to promote healing and balance. Usui's teachings were passed down through various lineages, and today, Reiki is practiced worldwide, embraced for its gentle yet powerful approach to holistic well-being.


The benefits of Reiki are diverse and profound. This ancient healing technique promotes deep relaxation, easing tension and stress in both the body and mind. It can boost the body's natural healing processes, supporting recovery from illness or injury. Reiki also harmonizes the flow of energy within the body, helping to balance emotions and promote mental clarity. Many people report feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, and more connected to their inner selves after a Reiki session, experiencing a renewed sense of well-being and vitality.


Reiki operates on the principle of channelling universal life force energy through the practitioner to the recipient. This energy, often referred to as ki or chi, flows through the body's energy pathways. During a Reiki session, the practitioner serves as a conduit for this energy, directing it to areas of the recipient's body that require healing or balancing. Reiki works to dissolve energetic blockages, release tension, and stimulate the body's innate healing mechanisms. Beyond its physical effects, Reiki helps with emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances, facilitating a holistic sense of well-being and harmony.


Reiki is ‘returning home’ to oneness, to the source, to the divine. As a conscious collective, we are moving away from the busyness, the complicated, the mind, ‘doing’, to a softer way of peace, calm, ‘being’, surrender, simplicity, love and awareness. We are returning home to our inner selves, instead of being so involved in the external world, that we forget who we truly are. Reiki will help us create a new world, not just for yourself, but for all of humanity. Reiki can contribute to the greater good because its nature and energy is pure love. We are being asked to allow our hearts to grow with love and our minds to soften and move away from fear. The Reiki Sanctuary has been created so you can connect with like-minded conscious beings, bringing mutual enhancement for yourself and others. So you can be supported on your internal journey of returning to your true self.

Just as the butterfly leaves the chrysalis behind when it is ready to spread its wings, so too are human beings ready to embrace what is more appropriate for them at this time.


Contact: Heather Peattie
Mobile: 07764 494754

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